The Scholastic Asian Book Award 2016 Winners

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Aditi Krishnakumar



About the Story

When a discovery that might be the key to deciphering the mysterious script of the Indus Valley Civilisation proves to be a puzzle in three languages, it’s a job for Codex, who’s a linguist, mathematician and all-round geek. But Codex soon discovers that this isn’t like anything she’s done before. As the sinister implications of the find become apparent, Codex must work with Agent Lila Raman to get to the bottom of a four-thousand-year-old mystery.

About the Author

Aditi Krishnakumar has worked in the finance industry in India and Singapore, where she resides presently. Her first book, A Whole Summer Long, was published in 2012. Additionally, another of her manuscripts was shortlisted for the Scholastic Asian Book Award in 2014.

1st Runner-up: CHASING FREEDOM
Tina Cho


South Korea

About the Story

Two unhappy kids. Two stories that lead to separate escapes across the North Korean border to China. Brokers, a pastor, and other people help Yunho and Joo Ri escape to freedom along the Asian Underground Railroad through China, Laos, Thailand, and eventually to America. Soldiers, child slavery, fake IDs, jail time, and trekking through jungles are difficulties they must face. Will they be caught and repatriated back to North Korea and sent to brutal concentration camps? In the worse moments, Yunho and Joo Ri come to terms with their past, their fears, and face the enemy head on.

About the Author

Tina Cho is the author of The Girl’s Guide to Manners (Legacy Press Kids, 2014) and colouring book, God Is So Good (Warner Press, 2013). She also has three more books, including Seasons of the Asian Pear Tree, due to be published soon. Cho lives in South Korea with her husband and two children, and teaches first grade at an international school.

2nd Runner-up: ISLAND GIRL
Stephanie Ho Lee Ling



About the Story

Habibah is a girl living in the 1800s on a remote island in the Malay Archipelago. Her peaceful life begins to change after her thirteenth birthday: she receives a wedding proposal and learns that her long-lost mother is still alive. When her mother returns to the island, Habibah is faced with a dilemma: should she marry and stay on the island, or leave in search of something more?

About the Author

Ho Lee Ling, Stephanie is a Singapore writer and researcher. Her first book, Samsui Girl, was awarded a First-Time Writers & Illustrators Publishing grant in 2006. Ho has also written picture books for government agencies including the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education. In addition to writing children’s stories, Ho is a partner in the History Workroom LLP, a research and writing consultancy.